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My name is Nicole and I'm an aspiring editor. This is my place to review books and record my progress in reading. I mostly review YA books, with some others thrown in occasionally.

Alabama Moon

Alabama Moon - Watt Key I would give Alabama moon three stars overall. My favorite part was the descriptions of what Moon had to do in the wild. My only problem with that aspect was that it spent a little too much time talking about Moon making his shelter, getting food, making fires, etc. and I thought it took a little bit away from the plot. It might have been trimmed down a little bit more.

The plot was alright, but I didn't feel like it had a clear structure. There didn't seem to be a clear goal in mind that Moon was working towards which wasn't a huge problem, but did bother me all the same. I thought Moon sometimes acted a little bit older than he should have. For example, he doesn't act very scared about being alone when his dad dies. I understand that he is supposed to be brave, but he isn't a robot. Sometimes I felt like the emotion on all the characters' parts fell a little bit short.

***** SPOILERS ******

I felt like the uncle came out of the blue a little bit. Now, I'm very picky about my endings, but there wasn't even any hinting. A new character can't be introduced in the last 10 pages.