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My name is Nicole and I'm an aspiring editor. This is my place to review books and record my progress in reading. I mostly review YA books, with some others thrown in occasionally.


Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen This book was just... meh. I have pretty mixed feelings about it.
Things I liked:
- It was pretty cute. A lot of the parts when Bryce and Julie were interacting made me smile.
- The length was short and sweet, making it a quick read.
- I enjoyed the story a lot. There were plenty of funny bits and even though Julie was basically telling the same thing as Bryce in her chapters, it didn't feel repetitive as she was telling the story from her perspective.
- I liked the writing for the most part. No flaws that I can tell.
- The character development was good for the most part - I felt like I understood the characters
Things I didn't like:
- Throughout the book, I didn't like Bryce or Julie. They both annoyed me and I didn't always find them realistic.
- Bryce was supposed to have flipped, but even though he did something nice at the end of the book and he liked Julie, he still seemed like a jerk.
- The way Bryce treated Julie at the end of the book really annoyed me. He just expected Julie to automatically forgive him and like him back. Maybe he wasn't a coward, but he certainly wasn't respectful.
- Bryce had a lot more backstory than Julie. I didn't even know that Julie had brothers until Bryce mentioned it.
-The events weren't always in chronological order and that really confused me at certain points. The characters would talk about what happened over a long period and then go back and talk about it in more detail. This may not bother other people who are better at paying attention, though.
- The author's message wasn't very clear to me. Was she trying to say not to take people at face value? This doesn't make any sense to me because of Bryce's change in character at the end.
These character flaws were kind of to big for me to really enjoy the book, especially since it's a pretty character driven book. I would recommend it for a quick and fun read, but not much past that.